Sunday, February 22, 2009


Welcome to the frankie d. experiment! What is the frankie d. experiment? Well, like so many of you out there, I am looking to find as many ways as I can to generate passive income streams to maximize my earning potential. After hearing and reading about the success of so many friends - (both online and human, actual friends) - who have taken that creative leap of faith on the internet, I figured, what the hell? I have ten minutes a day, I have a computer, and I do enjoy writing - why not get paid for it? I have never blogged before but did not realize how easy (and free!) it is to do so! I think I'm a nice person and have useful (and a lot of non-useful, but still interesting and funny) knowledge to share so why not share? So this blog will be my way of documenting what I do and what I find about building a portfolio of passive income, and I will see where this journey leads. I hope what I write in the coming months inspires you to pursue their own frankie d. experiment and when you do, I would love to read about it! Until next time. - frankie d.

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  1. good luck to you meet new people and make lots of bloggy clicky friends. I have a few on my followers list that clicky too.