Saturday, March 28, 2009

Week 4 & 5 - Catching Up, and $$ Growing!

I wasn't able to post last week because I was out of town (went to Las Vegas for a bachelor party).  OK, it was for MY bachelor party.  :)  Great times with twenty of my closest buds from when I was five years old through my best friends from graduate school.  Awesome group of dudes.  

Had a pretty hectic week at my full-time gig, somehow just being away from the office for only two days leads to a huge and seemingly endless pile of work (always works out that way).  Anyway I have to confess that I have fallen behind on my eHow writing schedule and am still at just about 20 articles published.  I'm not too worried though because I know I can catch up later on - I can't force myself to write when I am not ready because then it wouldn't be any fun, and I don't need any self-imposed stress!

On to my latest earnings statistics!
Through five weeks I have now earned $6.68 with 22 written articles.

New articles since my last blog post:

So I'm definitely encouraged at my earnings growth - my most mature articles are steadily earning and I had a single article rise above $1 in earnings for the first time.  I am definitely looking forward to the satisfaction of getting my first payout of $10(!) from eHow sometime next month.  I know, BIG MONEY, but hey, it's an infinite return on my investment!  Hard to beat that because if I weren't writing for eHow when I do I would probably be on my couch watching cartoons.

How are you guys doing out there?  Please leave me a comment!  I would love to hear how your own eHow experiment is going.  Until next time - frankie d.

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