Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week 3: Total views, where I stand, and my Ped-Egg obsession

Got up to 20 articles this week and felt good about the increasing number of total views.  I am at just about 1,900 unique views to my work but found it interesting how quickly they add up.  It took me about two weeks to get to 1,000 views, but nearly doubled the count in half the time!  The number of views does not translate to earnings but it does increase the probability of someone out there clicking on some ads.  I have to think that a winning strategy on eHow has to be a simple numbers game - the more eyes you have looking at your articles should yield more and more readers  clicking on ads, and that depends on how long your articles are out online and how many articles you have.

My total earnings through week 3: $2.67 (though today the earnings figures did not update, so maybe this is understated).  Disappointingly, the pace of my earnings actually decreased compared to where I was after Week 2.  Going to $2.67 from $1.69 at the end of last week only reflected a 58% increase, whereas from Week 1 to Week 2 my earnings increased 70%.  Still, I am encouraged that I am earning, but I would prefer to see an increasing rate of increase (though I admit that it still so early in the game that I should chill the f*** out).  

I found it tough once again to keep up the pace of one article per day but did find inspiration this week to write what I thought is a really funny article.   I play basketball at my gym here in NYC and for a corporate league about three times a week and my feet get pretty beat up.  So, on Thursday night, I took my Ped-Egg out and rubbed down my feet.  I then thought, this would make a great article for eHow - how to use the Ped-Egg - if you are a dude!  (It is not masculine at all to use a Ped-Egg, but screw it, I love it!)  What is a Ped-Egg?  It is basically a foot scrubber inspired by a cheese grater.  These little tiny blades on this egg-shaped piece of plastic gently file down calloused and dry skin to reveal new and healthy skin.  Simply, if you have never tried it, it is awesome.  I promise.

See, last summer, after walking through nearly all of western Europe and Asia in my flip flops, I bought a Ped-Egg.    I had some pretty nasty feet after my vacation, saw the infomercial late one night when I got home to my parents' house in Los Angeles, and checked out their website (  and decided to buy one.  And of course, my mom, dad, and sisters HAD A FIELD DAY making fun of me for my purchase.  But I didn't care - what a freakin' God-send this thing was!  The Ped-Egg totally worked as advertised and I had baby-like skin after just a few minutes of using it.  I really thought my situation was hopeless and I needed medical attention from a podiatrist, but the Ped-Egg brought me the relief I needed.  

Here is the article on eHow: How to use a Ped-Egg (if you are a dude)

I sent it out to my family and had them falling over laughing.  I also got pretty immediate feedback from a number of wives out there who read my article dying to get their husbands to clean up their feet!  Hilarious.  I am seriously considering creating a new website dedicated to men who love using the Ped-Egg (just like me!)  hahaha.  Definitely on my to-do list now, too much comedic value out there not to.

Anyway, that's all I've got this week, trying to get to 50 articles next (could take a while, I know)
Until next time, -frankie d.

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  1. I love my ped-egg! Go dude! You can do this!